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High Net Worth Individual Management

Maximise Your Assets

You might not call yourself a high net worth individual (HNWI), but if you have a range of investments and/or businesses generating high levels of income then you need an accountant with the skills, knowledge and experience to protect and grow your wealth.

As your wealth grows over time, your financial matters can become increasingly complicated and difficult to manage as you juggle investments, businesses, shares and superannuation. In dealing with McFillin & Partners, you have the major advantage of working with a team who are great financial managers, but are also financial planners specialising in wealth creation.

Obviously as we have a wide range of experience in tax & accounting, we are best placed to assist you with your affairs with utmost continuity.

Protect Your Assets

We believe that it’s simply common sense that you’ve gone to great lengths to earn your assets, so a similar high level of care should be given to protecting and nurturing them.

Our high net clients are managed by a select team with a wide range of experience in this field, across all of the accounting disciplines and serving clients in industries including retail and service, primary production and more.We bring all of the experience of those skillsets to bear here – ensuring that every aspect of your business and personal financial life is playing its part to maximise your security and returns.

As a result, you can be assured that your investments will not only be handled efficiently and effectively; they will be protected.

HNWI Services

You benefit from our HNWI-related services, such as:

Regardless of your requirements, McFillin is there for you with the right information and right advice to help you make the best decisions about your financial future.