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New Client Portal

New Client Portal

We are happy to announce that we have a new and improved Client Portal. This new portal replaces the one you may have been using up until now.

The new client portal service includes:

  • Ability to view documents we wish to share with you
  • Ability to upload documents/files securely to share with us
  • Docusign – electronically sign your documents (no need to print and re-upload)
  • Ability to update your contact details with us
  • Reset your own password

If you already have your tax information in with us, then in the coming days you will receive an invitation to register for the new portal. Please note that the link in the invitation will only be active for 7 days and will then expire.

If you would like to register now, please contact our friendly Admin team on 07 3263 7030 and we will arrange for you to be sent an invitation to register.

We recommend that to ensure your information remains secure, you do not share or record your login details.