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Christmas Donations

Christmas Donations

As part of our Christmas cheer and spreading this to those around us, we are donating to 2 very worthy causes – The Smith Family and Orange Sky Australia.

The reason for our choice is based on some of the programs both of these organisations provide.  We consider this not only as a gift from ourselves but from you as well.  Thank you! We have included the links for both of these organisations so you can see where some of your accounting fees have been utilised.


The Smith Family

While the current appeal relates to Christmas, they provide a number of learning programs for children and young people growing up in poverty.  Providing the next generations with opportunities which they may not have access elsewhere.  What an amazing way to reach people we may not be able to do personally.

Find out more: Christmas Appeal 2023 | The Smith Family


Orange Sky Australia

The stand out service that Orange Sky provides is regular laundry and shower services.  The water used in the showers and laundry is clean water and the grey water at the end of the day goes directly to a sewer point.  As there are no dryers, the drying of the clothes is balanced with conversations with the volunteers.  There is something to be said about feeling clean without judgement but also having someone who is interested in chatting with you.

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