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Adwords Advertising – Special Offer

Adwords Advertising – Special Offer

Avoid these mistakes and bring in more affordable leads with Adwords


Adwords is an excellent way to bring in leads for many businesses – if it’s set up and run correctly.

If you’re not familiar with adwords, it’s the group of ads that appear when you search for a product or service on Google (or  on websites where Google places ads). Advertisers pay when their ads are clicked on and costs can vary from a few cents per click to $50 or more depending on how competitive your industry is and how well your campaign is set up With that in mind, these are some of the mistakes advertisers make, which can make an otherwise good Adwords campaign unprofitable.

  1. Not having a persuasive landing page or website. Adwords can bring you traffic, but those visitors need to land on a page with a convincing sales message and a clear instruction about what they should do next (eg; fill in a contact form, make a call, purchase a product or download a report).
  2. Always trying to be number 1 on Google.  The ads at position 1 cost the most and your cost per lead may be more viable when your ads run at position 3 or 4.
  3. Bidding on keywords that attract the wrong kind of traffic.  Often new advertisers add very general keywords and so attract all sorts of traffic they don’t need. For instance, you’re a sales trainer and you bid on the general term ‘sales’, you may attract users who have searched for ‘shoe sales’, ‘sales director job’ and other unrelated terms. Keywords need to be accurately set up to avoid this.
  4. Bidding on the wrong device.  There is often a big difference in the cost per lead you pay for searchers using a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. It’s important to analyse the data and adjust your bids to focus on the platform that works best for your business.
  5. Bidding at the wrong time.  There is usually a difference in the cost per lead you’ll pay based on the day of the week and time of day. It’s important to review this data as well and schedule your ads to appear at the times that work best.

Bring in new leads cost effectively

If you’d like an affordable, skilled agency to set up and run your campaigns without these and other mistakes please call Victoria McLoughlin from Baker Street Marketing for a free, no-obligations conversation on 1300 662 107.

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