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2-Step Authentication – What to do When You Get a New Phone

2-Step Authentication – What to do When You Get a New Phone

2-Step Authentication (2FA) is that additional layer of security in your login process that provides a little extra peace of mind when it comes to protecting your accounts and identity from cyber breeches.  The favoured 2FA login option is obtaining the six digit code through an authenticator app, which is great for its simplicity and accessibility. But what happens when your phone meets an unfortunate end or in your excitement of acquiring a new phone transferring your authentication app slips your mind?

Spending a few moments now setting up alternative login methods can guarantee you’ll never be stuck without the ability to complete that second step in your 2FA process. There are two avenues we will explore to ensure you have a second access point when it comes to 2FA.


Set up Alternative 2FA methods

In addition to entering a six digit code from you authenticator app, most accounts will allow for an alternative authentication method. Setting these up now means more options for how to login in:

  • Alternative Email – Registering an alternative email means you have the ability to receive the authentication code via email.
  • Security Questions – Setting up your security questions means you can by-pass the requirement to enter a code. (Remember you want the answers to these questions to be things only you know)


Protecting Access to your Authenticator App

While setting up alternative access methods to your accounts is highly valuable another way to keep your access is to create a back door via your app. This can be done by:

  • Turning on the back up – Authentication apps have a backup function. When this function is initiated a backup of the contents of the account is stored in a secondary location (e.g. your iCloud or google account). This enables you to restore your authentication account should you ever lose it.
  • 2FA on multiple devices – Most authenticator apps allow you to log into the account on multiple devices. Having multiple access points (phone, tablet etc) means if one access point is unavailable you can always use another one.


If you have any questions about protecting your 2FA access or would like assistance with setting up anything we have discussed, please don’t hesitate to contact our office!


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